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Nutritional Therapy

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Weight Loss
Are you finding that controlling your weight seems to be more of a challenge?  Those few pounds that were easy to lose seem to hang around for longer?  The last diet didn't seem to work and you're not sure what to do next?  May be it's time to try a different strategy?
The zest4life weight loss programme supports your weight loss through healthy eating and a lifestyle approach to your natural body weight.
Employing motivational coaching sessions, the weight loss programme uses a range of techniques such as goal setting, exercise, reward, emotional eating, managing stress and improving self-image.   All designed to help you lose weight and to be inspired to enjoy life too.
The programme includes a body composition analysis, nutrition assessment and low GL foods.  Sessions are offered on a personalised 1:1 basis or if you work better with group support then programmes are run for groups of up to 20 people.  Group Sessions are held at Evergreen Clinic, Letchworth.   
Smaller bespoke groups can be arranged in your own home if you prefer - please contact me for further information.