Sue Watkins Nutritional Therapist & Wellness Coach, based in Hertfordshire

Nutritional Therapy

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Thyroid health problems
I started to work with Sue as I needed to lose weight & improve my overall health. I’ve been taking thyroid medication for a number of years and have also been experiencing increasing stiffness in my joints as well as digestion problems.

Sue advised me to change what & when I was eating, not just cutting out certain foods & drinks that were not helping me but giving good advice on what would be beneficial. In the time I’ve been working with her I’ve also tried going dairy free for 6 weeks which had a surprisingly good impact, so much so that I’ve continued being mostly dairy free since.

My weight has dropped by just over 1.5 stones and I also feel much better in myself. My joints are very much less painful & all the digestion issues have gone. All my family & friends have noticed the change in my body shape, the fact that my energy levels have improved & that my self-confidence as grown as a result.

Working with Sue has meant a great deal to me. We have had regular meetings but she’s always been available if needed outside of these. Her constant support & encouragement has enabled me to get to where I am now & I know she’ll continue to help me to achieve my goals.