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Nutritional Therapy

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Parasite & yeast overgrowth

My son was born with a parasite and an overgrowth of yeast, both of which he had been treated for, but I knew he still wasn't right as he had low energy levels, slept incredibly lightly, experienced night terrors fairly regularly and suffered from joint pain and poor concentration. I took him to see Sue and she worked wonders on him in no time! Within just a couple of weeks, with dietary changes and a few gentle supplements, we began to notice positive changes in him, and he now has more energy than he's ever had and is so much happier and more settled in himself. He hardly ever gets joint pains now, his night terrors have stopped completely, his concentration is great and he sleeps like a log! His teachers and grandparents have all noticed the changes, and they're all thanks to Sue. What's great about Sue is that she's incredibly knowledgeable but if she doesn't know something, she goes away and researches until she knows it inside out, and she's always on hand to answer any queries or concerns you might have. I feel incredibly lucky to have found Sue as she's been a godsend as far as my little boy is concerned.
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